Annual Summer Seasonal

The Summer 2011 seasonal release was Zephyr. Zephyr is a Double White Ale morphing the Belgian Witbier style with Australian botanicals to produce a full strength (5.7%) nourishing yet refreshing summer beer.

Zephyr returned for Summer 2011/12/13/14 and weighed in at 7.5% but still with the Australian botanicals and superb balance and drinkability. Zephyr Flyer

Mid-Spring 2013

Gose is a historical ale from Leipzig Germany.  Doc’s Gose was released to much acclaim in Autumn 2010 and returns for Spring 2013 as Electrolyte. This easy drinking tart wheat ale will bring back childhood memories of warheads. It is tart but balanced with a hint of sourness offset with coriander and a pinch of salt. Extremely refreshing and very addictive. For the ultimate experience match with Goat Chèvre cheese. 4.3% Electrolyte Flyer

Spring 2009

The Spring 2009 Seasonal was Belgian Breakfast Rhubarb Ale. Not many have tried adding rhubarb to beer, so the challenge was there to present a beer with rhubarb goodness. The result was a refreshing Autumn ale with rhubarb present.

Winter 2009

The beer that started it all. Winter 2009 saw Secret Squirrel. Secret Squirrel was a Chocolate Hazelnut Porter. A couple of barrels were held over for Winter 2010 where it was re-released as Double Agent Secret Squirrel.

The Beers

Autumn 2011 & the Late Winter 2013 seasonal

Synapse is a Black Saison which is yet another emerging twist on a traditional style. Think a dark Belgian/French Saison at more than full strength (6%). Lovely spice, hints of chocolate with a traditional Saison aroma and a refreshingly dry finish. Synapse Flyer

Winter 2011

Winter, cold Winter. Oatmeal for breakfast, IPA for afternoon tea ? How about a Belgian Oatmeal IPA. The colour and bitterness of an American IPA, the aromatics from a Belgian yeast, and the smooth mid palette from oatmeal. This is your Winter prescription from Doctor’s Orders; 6.5% and ~54 IBU of Belgian Oatmeal IPA goodness. Pulse Flyer

Annual Autumn Seasonal

Autumn 2012 and a return to all that is good, black and hoppy. It wouldn’t be a Doctor’s Orders beer if it didn’t mangle a traditional style and then turn it up to 11. Therefore we prescribe Iron Lung, a Black Imperial Pilsner. Too much and you may need the services of an Iron Lung. Iron Lung returns again in Autumn 2013.

7% and ~66+ IBU or Mind Warping Lager. Iron Lung Flyer

Spring 2010

Mind Warp is a Black IPA melding all the great American IPA hop flavours disguised in BLACK. At 7.4% being black wasn’t the only aspect that caused some minds to be warped.

Annual Winter Seasonal

The Great Australasian Beer Fest (May 11-13 2012) in Melbourne saw 60 Australian & New Zealand Craft Brewers commissioned to produce a special festival beer never previously produced by the breweries before. Doctor’s Orders festival beer was Plasma which continues on from where “Iron Lung” left off (everything is better with more hops). Plasma a White IPA is yet another emerging trend that we’re happy to embrace  have return in 2013. Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouthfeel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering enjoyable bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription.

7.6% and ~75+ IBU
Plasma Flyer

A super special release for The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide as part of their 9th birthday celebrations on May 14 2012.

A Smoked Vanilla Bourbon Porter that was served on draft, through a handpump and through their glass hopper filled with figs and Ethiopian coffee beans.

Each was unique in its own way thanks to the method of delivery, with all flavours evident, balanced and sessionable.

5.5% and ~40+ IBU.

Mid Winter 2012 & Late Winter 2014

Defibrillator takes the traditional German Weizen Doppelbock and ages it on American Bourbon barrel oak for that quintessential Doctor’s Orders twist.

The culmination of the weizen yeast, chocolate malt and bourbon oak present a complex layered aroma that gets your palette and taste buds ready for action.

On the lips the initial hint of sweetness draws you in before the multidimensional layering of Defibrillator grabs hold of your taste buds and gives them a good shakeup before the bourbon oak nuances provide a satisfying warming sensation as it travels to your “heart” defibrillating it.

7.5% and ~26 IBU  Defibrillator Flyer

Annual Spring Seasonal

Prescription 12 takes two of our favourite things. Black & Belgian to become a Belgian Black IPA.

Our Mind Warp Black IPA with Belgian yeast and candi syrups gives Prescription 12 a complex delight of flavours and aromas.

The malty, biscuit, toasty flavours are backed with hints of dark fruits before the lingering addictive bitterness finishes off the mouth-feel. The image inside the glass on the label is antibiotic crystals under a microscope and sum-up that Prescription 12 is your Spring antibiotic

7.6% and ~80 IBU  Prescription 12 Flyer

Sydney Craft Beer Week - Oct 2012

“Stout” - What does “Stout” mean ?
Turns out it’s an historical synonym for 'strong' harking from around the 14th century when Stout Pale Ale was prominent. 

Young Doctor Henrys is a collaboration between Young Henrys and Doctors Orders Brewing that not only takes you on a history lesson but also puts our bent and interpretation on historical Stout, with "Stout White Stout" appropriately named “Night Nurse".

Night Nurse looks like a traditional English Summer Ale until you smell it, then have the first sip and attempt to dissect the Young Doctors concoction brewed specifically for Sydney Craft Beer Week.

7.5% and ~69 IBU  Night Nurse Flyer

Sydney Craft Beer Week - Oct 2012

A very special limited edition of the wider release Prescription 12 (details below) blended with Prescription 12 that was aged in a rum barrel.

Released for Sydney Craft Beer Week (SCBW) 2012, it was available at the 2012 Seasonal Showcase at the Union Hotel in Newtown and Harts Pub Meet the Brewer session.

The blend was 50% rum barrel aged and 50% base Prescription 12. The barrel portion fermented further than the regular version by an extra 8-10 gravity points.

~9.6% and ~70 IBU

Mid-Summer 2013

A traditional German unfiltered spontaneously and traditionally fermented sour ale with a cephalopod twist. This Black Berliner Weisse showcases a traditional brewing technique of a sour mash and non-boil before being fermented with a German Ale yeast blended with lactobacillus and brettanomyces to produce a refreshingly tart and thirst quenching 4.6% summer ale.

The vibrant visual of ink infused Berliner Weisse prepares you for the unique taste sensation that is sour ales, but in balanced approachable moderation. 

4.6% and ~15 IBU  Cephalopod Flyer


Released at the Great Australasian Beer Fest (May 24-26 2013) in Melbourne.

Using the Prescription 12 Elixir (Rum barrel aged Belgian Black IPA) from Spring 2012 as inspiration, we sourced used Scottish Whiskey barrels from the Nøgne Ø/Bridge Rd Aurora Borealis collaboration and partially aged our Belgian Black IPA in them.

The result ? A multi-dimensional beer that if you could take this prescription from Doctor's Orders intravenously you would. It is black with solid bitterness, Belgian yeast and candi syrup complexity with barrel induced nuances of oak, peat and booze.

Enjoy at 10-12 degC and you’ll be able to assimilate with Belgium, Scotland, USA and Australia simultaneously.

7.7% and ~50+ IBU  Intravenous Flyer

Good Beer Week (May - 2013)

An extremely limited release beer commissioned by BeermenTV for their “Hair of the Dog Breakfast” event at Beer Deluxe for Good Beer Week 2013.

A Belgian Breakfast Australian Native ale incorporating hibiscus, qandongs, grains of paradise and NZ hops (Motueka & Wai-iti).

4.2% and ~20 IBU 

Iron Lung was voted in at #81 in the Critics Choice Australia’s Best Beers 2013

Night Nurse was voted in at #97 in the Critics Choice Australia’s Best Beers 2013

Spring 2013, and a special release of Synapse for Sydney Craft Beer Week.

Synapse Elixir is aged in both a Scottish Whiskey barrel and a Hunter Shiraz barrel then both barrels blended together. Synapse Elixir has the undercurrents of Synapse with the added hints of peat, booze, oak and red wine tannins, balanced nicely with two months of ageing.  6.7%

Zephyr was voted in at #80 in the Critics Choice Australia’s Best Beers 2012

#99 in  2013

Mid-Summer 2014

A traditional German unfiltered spontaneously and traditionally fermented sour ale with a vegetable twist. This Red Berliner Weisse continues what last years mid- Summer seasonal (Cephalopod – Black Berliner Weisse) started, by showcasing a traditional brewing technique of a sour mash and no-boil before being fermented with a German Ale yeast blended with lactobacillus and brettanomyces to produce a refreshingly tart and thirst quenching 4.7% summer ale.

The vibrant visual provided by the rhubarb infused Berliner Weisse prepares you for the unique taste sensation that is sour ales, but in balanced approachable moderation. 4.7% Transfusion Flyer

Mid-Autumn 2014

A 100% Wheat beer is quite unique. Wheat, Dark Wheat, Torrified Wheat, Crystal Wheat, Chocolate Wheat and Roasted Wheat combined to produce a Wheat Porter.

Vaccine looks and smells like a Porter but has an easy drinking body not normally associated with a Porter. Vaccine finishes nice and dry before you get the subtle undertone of the Wasabi addition.

The amazingly tight creamy head is also a by-product of the 100% wheat malts used.

Vexing, intriguing and quaffably delicious, Vaccine is our Mid-Autumn seasonal for 2014.

6.3% and ~29 IBU  Vaccine Flyer


Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular 2014 Release

Electrolyte Forte is a super special and limited release. It sees our 2013 mid-Spring seasonal amplified into an Imperial version of this historical and regional almost lost style. Gose is a wheat beer style from Leipzig Germany that also contains coriander and salt.

Electrolyte Forte was our Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) festival beer for 2014 that found the soft spot in tart and spritzy beer lover’s taste buds.

The combination of weizen, coriander and tart flavours with a salty kiss finish provided GABS festival goers with the interesting flavours and refreshing addictive beer tartness they crave.

8.5% and ~29 IBU Electrolyte Forte Flyer

Special Winter 2014 Release

Operation Paralysis (10%) is a collaboration between Doctor’s Orders Brewing and co-founder of Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery, Shane Welch.

Following months of discussions and ideas a hop monster kept floating to the top of the list. Something Doctor’s Orders hadn’t done commercially, but a mainstay of Sixpoints’ nano-kegs.

Pushing the brewery well beyond the manufacturers recommendations we produced the biggest beer possible and used more hops than any sane brewer would contemplate. The result, a behemoth of an IPA. More than likely bigger in every aspect than anything you have had before. Bold, bitter and addictive if you’ve gone through the ‘lupulin threshold shift’.

10% and 150+ IBU  Operation Paralysis Flyer

Late Winter 2015

Our collaboration with Big Shed Brewing is available in bottle and draft. But who is Dr Shedlove ?

He's the product of the unholiest of brewing unions, Big Shed Brewing and Doctor's Orders and his latest creation is an Imperial Sweet Potato Saison Stout. A beer so dark that no light can escape its surface. Allow yourself to revel in Dr Shedlove's dark side and his obsession with root vegetables, dark malts, whisky barrels and C2H60. Planned to be an annual release (in different guises of course)


Winter 2014

Our collaboration with Wheaty Brewing Corps and Yeastie Boys for Good Beer Wheaty in May 2014 and released for the launch of Wheaty Brewing Corps in July 2014.

A beer designed to be the tonic for your gin. Yes a beer tonic bittered with cinchona bark powder, minimal hops and secret blend of hops and botanicals.

On its own it is a quaffing wheat based ale. When blended with a shot of craft gin (preferably with a cucumber bias) POW. What an experience.

Winter 2015 and Autumn 2016

Our collaboration with Wheaty Brewing Corps for Good Beer Wheaty in May 2015 and released for Wheaty Brewing Corps 1st birthday in July 2015. Re-released as the Autumn seasonal in 2016 in both packaged and draft.

A NZ Manuka Smoked Black IPA with Chipotle. Yes the only thing that is missing is peanuts, but we always have next year.


Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular 2015 Release

Serum is a super special and limited release. It sees our 2013 mid-Spring seasonal combined with our 2014 mid-Summer release Transfusion. But not as a blend, but inspired by both to produce a unique beer inspired by each.

A Gose/Berliner Weisse cross over beer amplified with rhubarb.

Serum was our Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) festival beer for 2015 that found the soft spot in tart and spritzy beer lover’s taste buds.


Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular 2016 Release

Mutagenic Cephalopod is a super special and limited release. It is inspired by our 2013 mid-Summer seasonal Cephalopod (a Berliner Weisse with Squid Ink) in the guise of a Gose with Red Dulse, porcini smoked salt and a hint of chipotle oil.

The result is a Marine Gose that transports you to the rock pools at the ocean whilst you’re drinking a Gose. Mutagenic Cephalopd is our Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) festival beer for 2016.